Friday, January 6, 2012

The Color of Winter

Living near the Great Lakes is definitely a challenge during the Winter. Grey and more grey. Every once in awhile we are treated to a gift like this sunset. There is a spot at the end of Eagle Point Boulevard, that has the most stunning view of Lake Erie. There is a quaint little wedding and event hall by the name of Sunset Inn located here and not too active in the winter. So far I have not been removed from the property.

I grew up in this area and now live nearby. When the snow has fallen and the storm clouds pass and give way to clear skies, grab your camera, you will not believe your eyes. Rumor around here is we have the best sunsets, even in the Winter.....

This is an 8 x 10 oil painting on a canvas panel. It is available in my gallery on the Dailypaintworks site. I used brushes and a palette knife.


  1. You've captured it beautifully in your painting! It is very grey here at the moment as well, that's why I need colour in the home :)

  2. Gorgeous! The mix of snow, blue water and sunset sky look awesome!

  3. Beautiful painting. I know exactly what you mean about the great lakes. I live a couple minutes away from Lake Michigan. When it's beautfiul, it's beautiful. But when it's stormy or grey, it's dull.