About The Writers

Maggie Flatley lives in Erie Pennsylvania and paints with oil, acrylic, watercolor, and encaustic materials. A lot of the inspiration for her art comes from nature. She is an Etsy seller, and a devoted mother. As of October 2014, she has asked her daughter Caitlin to help with her blog.

Caitlin is Maggie’s twenty-something daughter who has a habit of writing about nothing in particular, whether it’s actually a good idea or not. Looking for an opportunity to appease her writing demons, Caitlin has readily agreed to become a regular contributor on this blog. She is hoping that the writing demons that constantly plague her with their demands to write more often will be pleased with this new development.

Maggie can be contacted via her Etsy shop, Daily Paintworks shop, Seller Group shop, or Facebook page.  Her email address is maggieflatley701@gmail.com 

Caitlin's preferred method of contact is carrier raven, but she can also be contacted via her email address, which is Hecate337@gmail.com

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