Monday, June 4, 2012

Congratulations, Now What?

This has been quite a Spring. Alone in my thoughts a lot. I took this photo at Presque Isle State Park last night. The weather forecast was wind and waves and I love a good howling storm. It was actually quite beautiful, no storm.

My son graduated last Friday from High School. I did not attend. The reason it would be beyond my emotional control. I have a child with very involved special needs, intellectual and medical. It has been quite a journey. We have worked hard, my son, my family and an amazing variety of people, I consider it an honor to have known. My child is a gift, I have learned more from him than I could ever possibly acknowledge. He is my hero, but one of the best gifts I received from him was meeting the dedicated people that support a child and family with Special Needs. I have met an army of heros, people that are selfless, giving, heartfelt and genuine. None of us will be acquisition wealthy, but wealthy in ways far beyond what I could even imagine. To these people, I will always be grateful, for your support for Kevin and for me, too. In the beginning of the journey, you do not realize how easy it is to become isolated and alone, excluded. It starts simple with no longer receiving invitations to classmates birthday parties, and eventually you fear behaviors will not be accepted in Public situations. Always stressful! A lot of planning.

We had a lot of rough days, years, and we worked hard together and succeeded. My son is a beautiful young man with an amazing potential. Everything I had hoped for...We got there, together.

Due to severe budget cuts in the State of Pennsylvania, he is now retired. Not one to easily give up, my caring army and I are taking a week off and back to work. Thank you Rhonda, Ann, Joy, Kim and Debbie. There is a greater purpose and really good people out there! Every cloud does have a silver lining.