Saturday, November 5, 2011


Oh yes, another cupcake. Seriously, I took this lovely outside to photograph. Good thing I had more than one as the first slid off the plate and landed on the carpet, up side down. My daughter was born on Halloween and we celebrated with cupcakes, and trick or treaters.

My intention was to photograph and paint, when I looked at the paintings from one of my painting sites, there was the identical cupcake painted by another artist....a good excuse to eat this one!


  1. Suddenly I want a cupcake, and there are none in my immediate vicinity. (probably a good thing)

  2. Cute cupcake! I love them too. Happy birthday to your daughter.

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  3. What a fab looking cuppy!! Your daughter was born on you definitely got a "treat" that Halloween....hope she had a happy one this year!

  4. I love your cupcake, bet it tasted yummy! Made me think of my fortieth birthday next week! If I don't have a pretty cake on my birthday, would you mind if I painted from your one?! (We can't buy cupcakes around here!)