Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey There Lonely Rose

Ever have a flower you just couldn't throw away? This is mine.... I did the paint works challenge in blacks, greys and whites last week, and wanted to do another with a hint of color. Maybe a hint of love gone wrong?


  1. My husband bought me some roses last week and they are getting droopy. I love how white roses age, they start to yellow a bit and it looks antique. The scent seems to get stronger as they wither.

  2. Oh no, I always save my roses as long as I can! When my husband and I got married a few years ago, his cousin sent us 2 dozen roses. When they were on their final days I cut them into about 6 inch lengths and put them in a pretty square, short vase and they looked so cute! I wish I would have taken a pic.

    As for a single rose, I love them! I think it's so special when someone hands you one single, long stemmed rose. It says so much!

    Beautiful picture and it's amazing how it can say so much!