Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall in New England

I lived in New England for almost seven years. I miss the magical color show in Autumn. Last week I went back to visit family, and although the rain was a pain, the beauty is always present. One of my favorite places is Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, MA. It is not a showy place and there is a lot of walking. After crossing Old North Bridge, you wind uphill through trees, fields, ponds, river, stone walkways and various odd shrubbery. A great place to reflect, be still, and just enjoy.


  1. What a beautiful painting! The colors of autumn are so inspiring!

  2. I lived in Connecticut until I was 12, and I totally know what you mean about missing the magical colors. (We moved to Florida - not much in the way of Fall colors there!)

    It's really neat the way you did the tree, and I always like a meandering country road that might go anywhere.

  3. i love your painting technique here :) its beautiful, so is the whole art.