Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Vincent Mug

Challenge for this week. Paint your mug.... It is sinful the amount of coffee I need in the morning. I am a mug collector, but this is my favorite. Years ago my daughter, Cait, brought this home from a Museum trip. My favorite, my Vincent mug.


  1. Vincent is a huge inspiration for me too:):)

  2. I'm drinking my coffee right now :) I wish my mug were that pretty though!

  3. I had a favorite mug. My mom bought it for me one Christams from Lang. It's a cute smiling snowman and I used it all year long...until my daughter came home from a trip to Hershey PA and brought me a new mug. So now I have a favorite winter mug and a favorite all year mug.

  4. I still have the coffee cup I used when I was a kid.

    I am drinking too much coffee too. Have to stop that.

    Beautiful painting!