Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This a painting of a quaint street in County Cork, Ireland, just outside the Blarney Castle. All of my ancestors, both my Fathers and my Mums side of the family came from County Mayo and County Sligo. Recently my daughter went to Ireland and gave me and my paints a lot to work on and think about. A country so colorful and rich in people, poets, writers and artists. Someday soon....
Painted on a 6 x 6 panel, this painting is available on DailyPaintWorks.com.


  1. lovely painting!
    my husband has been there before we got married. hope i'll get to visit too one day.

  2. this is gorgeous...hope your week is great!

    enjoy *~*

  3. I love this painting!
    So gorgeous!

    I wanted to thank you, too, for joining my art blog hop and posting a button for the hop!
    I following your blog and reading your posts! :)

    Mary C. Nasser