Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring is here

Spring is here.  I have an nagging urge to head to the local garden shop.  Love all the vivid colors against the cerulean blue sky.  I wish I knew more about gardening.  It is one of the many items i have on my to do list of things i want to know.  It seems very complicated...My neighbor helps with tips and advice.  I cannot comprehend the different plant species or how to care for them.  I just love the colors, and i the feel of digging around in the dirt. There is something soothing about watering flowers in the early morning. This lovely i think is a weeping cherry, please correct me if i am wrong.  I wish   it was in my front yard.

  Sigh, I know what will happen, I will go to the nursery and then have a panic attack, too much to see, what to plant, does it need bug  spray, fertilizer  Not to mention the next issue of the need to take a million photos of blossoms, then painting them.....My sister in law told me to just throw some wildflower seeds out the back door and see what happens.  Going to try that tomorrow.  Got my camera and paint brush ready.

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