Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Frenzy

Full of fun, Friday is here, the weather is sweet. Lots to do before the big weekend, not much time to accomplish anything this past week. In was ready, but all of my electronic helpers called in sick. Printer not printing, twitter out, uploading pictures - timed out. Everything is still hanging...and not quite working. Life would be so boring if everything went as we planned. I'm glad that I got all the photography finished and at least a couple new listings uploaded to my shop.

These Tiger Lillies were painted from a combination of photos from my sister's garden and my husbands Aunt Anita's garden in Arizona. They certainly are dramatic, the flowers, not my sister. My little sister doesn't know I blog.

Oh yes, my original post today did not get on the blog, it is hanging out there in cyber space, somewhere, wondering if it will just show up someday. I need a break from the gadgets now.

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