Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Painting

I started this blog to try and force myself to spend more time doing the things that make me a more content human being.  I have been on the net watching artists perfect their craft.  How to make the time....Months and years would go by between paintings.  Yet, every day I would see something worth painting.  How the sun reflects on flowers, red peppers, and the light display on the wall.  Finding the time, always an excuse.  I happened to stumble upon the daily painting movement and it actually seems like a great idea.  Keep it small and simple and magical things will appear.  I will ignore the fact that I set this up on December 1.  Christmas and Holidays are a timeless excuse.  But, I did paint almost everyday.  Every painting has some meaning to me.  I hope it brings a smile to your face.  Now to figure out how to upload a photo.....CAITLIN!!!

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