Thursday, September 25, 2014

Presque Isle

My daughter and I took another photo adventure this past Monday. This time we went off the beaten path on Presque Isle to the area of houseboats and a lighthouse. While taking pictures of the lighthouse and the gazillions of seagulls waiting for their fish dinner, this guy was in the middle of the buffet line. He or she had a companion join a few minutes later. They entertained us with their beauty, wobble walking and flying. We got back to the car and here he was keeping a close eye on a nearby fisherman.

In the past, I lived in Florida and we would frequently see these majestic creatures. I'm not sure what he is, a juvenile Blue Heron, or a Sandhill Crane. I wish I knew. In some of the photos he looked blue/grey. In the photo I painted this portrait from, he was facing the sunset and took on a brown/orange hue.

Painted in oil on an 8x10 flat canvas panel.

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