Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vincent Van Gogh

I recently finished reading the book, Van Gogh The Life. I think everyone has heard a few tales about Vincent, the ear and the suicide. There was so much more to this legend, his isolation, madness, and his sense of self. His family. A very interesting look at his entire life, it leaves open the possibility that the artist was shot by someone else, not self inflicted.

I felt like painting one of my favorites. The painting below is my version of the original. I needed a painting with a warm, bright sun. I struggled with the yellow in the fields, very difficult and challenging, but, a lot of fun.

Enclosed Field with Rising Sun. 1889. Vincent Van Gogh, Saint-Remy, France. Private collection.

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  1. nice job....i love Van Gogh also. i have a copy of his letters to his brother.They are just so interesting....I also paint so i know how you feel when you read about him. i think he was so deep. i had never heard that there was a question that he might have been shot./Aleezah Selinger