Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hydrangea Whites and Upcycled Mason Jars

I love hydrangeas. My Mum called them snowballs. I also love the little Alfredo sauce mason jars the companies are currently using.

A collection of many different types of painting media, along with a stash of things I just can't seem to toss in the trash. I have been collecting, saving or hoarding these jars for over a year. Well, there was a wedding I mentioned in an earlier post, my daughter wanted the above look for her tables at the reception. We never found the time, we rented large vases.

Last month I took some gesso and painted a couple of jars and let them dry overnight. I painted them with pastel acrylics, some thick, some watered down. A light grade sandpaper to wipe away some of the paint around the lettering on the jars. An acrylic coat of varnish the next day. I painted the outside of the jar, so fresh flowers can be placed in them. Having a lot of left over flowers from the wedding they have a cute home now, but need a little weight in the jars.

I have done several paintings of these white hydrangeas in colorful vases. This one an 8 x 10 on a canvas panel, using acrylic paint. Waiting not so patiently for the real flowers to appear.

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