Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ordinary items can be extraordinary

Ordinary items often get overlooked. However, sometimes 'the everyday' can be the inspiration for a piece of art. You don't need a "muse", but to look at the everyday in a unique way. This old pasta sauce jar is a makeshift container for my paintbrushes and I've glanced at it a number of times; it's on my desk.

However, I have never really -looked- at it. It was next to me often and never seemed to be beautiful, but when I decided to pay attention to it, and paint it, it gained character and a special quality.

The way it held my paintbrushes, and the faux flower I had stuck in the jar so haphazardly reminded me to look at things from the viewpoint of a person who just gained eyesight: with awe and appreciation. So today, I am trying to notice the small things in my life, the unexpected but everyday works of art that surround us all. Consider trying to take a moment to appreciate 'the everyday', and then life will seem more beautiful.

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