Sunday, October 21, 2012

Big Sky Challenge

I knew that this was going to be a favorite challenge. A sky filled with different characters of clouds have always been an inspiration. I lived in Florida for awhile and the clouds are breath taking, frightening and ever changing.

I grew up near the Great Lakes and live close to Lake Erie at the present time. It is a wonder to watch the ominous clouds come rolling in off the Lake in the Fall. I am thankful to live here, there is such beauty even in the darkest sky, you just have to see. I love how the dark, purple greys play off the bright foliage in the Fall in the first painting. The middle is a photo of a sunset I took in the early spring. The last painting is a very small study of clouds using a gouache paint set that I seldom use. I like the chalky thick look when used without water. This was a thumbnail for the final painting. I could paint clouds and beaches all day. Maybe when I grow up.

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