Monday, July 23, 2012

Another look

I did this painting in watercolor from a photo taken of an impending storm. This is my oil version. It was the atmosphere of electricity that I was feeling while working on the sky. I have been thinking of focusing on skies and seascapes. There is just a range of moods conveyed in the sea and sky. Serenity, peace, calm, meditation paradise. In a moment that can change to angry, turbulent, blown of your feet, crushed by waves, all wonderful emotions!

The color spectrum is always changing in the clouds and sea. My favorite color palette is the gloaming at sunset. I love the reflective color in the crest of a wave and the pink, orange hue in the foam at sunset. Even in the deep grey of Winter, you can find color at sunrise and sunset, well, only a few in the Great Lakes region.

Rantings of a beach person.

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