Saturday, December 17, 2011


Last fall I visited my son in the small town of Ware, MA. He has a student apartment in this quaint village of homes built in the 1800's. Across the street were these two magnificent Hydrangea Trees. I have always been fond of hydrangea bushes, I have a lovely blue one in my front yard. Did not know they could come in tree form. They were breath taking, and could not wait to get them on canvas.

I went back to Ware after Thanksgiving, and thanks to the freak Halloween snow storm in New England, the tree on the right was snapped in half. The damage to New England was incredible. I will miss this view, and hope it looks better in the Spring. It was sad to see.


  1. Popping over from the Etsy Blog team!

    Nature sometimes has such hidden messages for us. Vancouver lost many, many of it's ancient trees along our western most beach several years ago to windstorms. It was like a beloved neighbor had passed away. Thanks for posting the beauty you created...

  2. Hi there! I have found you through the art blog hop and your paintings are beautiful! I will be sure to come back! Check out my blog!

  3. Beautiful painting. I love hydrangias! The scent is also beautiful.