Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet Memories

I really don't want to mention how many years ago I received this artwork. It has been a few...
It was given to my first child by his Godmother, Teri. The needlework in this piece still amazes me to this day! Fiber Artists are a dedicated, patient, group. I can only dream of such craftsmanship. I kept this and it eventually hung in all my children's nurseries. Can you imagine the feeling it evokes.

The next generation is about to have this passed along. I don't like to think of how many years have passed since I first saw this and the bemusement that comes with trying to wrap my head around where the years went and the memories of those years. I can only say it was a flash!

I hope this is well loved for years and generations to come.


  1. Something like that would bring back good memories for me too. I would definitely keep it forever, or pass it down.

  2. Yes, indeed, good memories. Sometimes I wonder if years from now others will look at our work and keep it around:):)