Saturday, July 16, 2011

Geraniums Digital Painting

Have I mentioned how attached I've become to my iPad? I didn't think so. It is beginning to dawn on me what a useful tool this is for planning a painting. You can instantly crop a photo to see the best composition for a thumbnail sketch. Flip it to back and white to see the values. The best maybe trying out the color palet, if the colors don't work easy to undo. No waste of printer ink, canvas, paints. Hey, I can take this anywhere, painting in a waiting room... So much fun! Digital art a valuable tool.


  1. I SOOOOOO want an ipad! Beautiful pic...

  2. Nice pic. I don't have an ipad but I do have a Pan Digital Novel and I love that thing for so many things, especially the planning. I do love the way you play with the pictures. I like to do that in photoshop. What would we do without our graphics programs?

    Have you ever used your ipad for recipes? I keep all my favorite recipes on mine (reader) so that when I want to cook something I don't have to print anything out or dig through my millions of books and programs. You can even buy clear plastic things that mount to your cabinets so you can read them at eye level.

  3. Have used my iPad for searching recipes, didn't know you could get a protective sleeve. Where did you find that, my son is non verbal and takes his iPad to school, that protective sleeve would be perfect for him.

  4. It's not really a sleeve, it's like an acrylic holder.

    Here are some chef sleeves though:

    Hope these links help