Friday, April 8, 2011


Friday has always been my favorite day. I am not sure why. It feels free, hopeful, and relaxing. I started reading 29 Gifts yesterday, it is the first time I have downloaded a book on my iPad. So far the reading on a deviceit is ok, I love the smell and feel of a new book.....I also like passing a book on to a new home. I will miss that as nobody will be able to wrangle my iPad away. But, the author deserves his due, and I never considered their angle in sharing books.

For more about 29 Gifts refer to the Yeasty blog link in yesterday's post. It appears to be a book about turning a negative into a positive. I have an idea that if we all gave more in kind words, understanding, and even a smile it could be life changing. Like Kala posted the other day. Is being optimistic a choice?

Have a great Friday.


  1. Beautiful painting, Maggie!

    I agree...Friday's are my favorite day, too!!


  2. TGIF, Maggie! I love Friday too tho I have to teach until 8 PM. I think being optimistic is a must, it's not a choice.